New info about Yakuza 5’s dance battles with Haruka and some pretty, hi-res screens!

Hopeful young idols wander the streets, speaking with them will prompt to enter dance battle mode. The button input screen is broken up in to four separate boxes that you must first select and then hit with the correct button prompts as they appear. Hit the buttons in time with the music to get the best results you can. The system is said to feel fluid and natural. It feels more like you’re controlling the character not just hitting buttons in sequence.

Partner up with different street dancers/musicians in game to learn numerous styles of dance such as hip-hop, rock, house and jazz. Defeating other girls in dance battles will also allow you to learn their dance moves and add to your own repertoire.

Your Heat action can be triggered before the next segment of the song begins replacing your usual button presses with the heat move you’ve selected. Your Heat Dance will allow you to turn the tables with your opponent increasing your score and lowering theirs. Heat Dances are key to winning against the harder opponents. Opposite to the men of Yakuza 5 your heat actions will aim to increase Haruka’s cuteness and dance prowess.

At certain key points throughout the song you will be graded on your performance. If you receive a low score you will lose stamina. When your (or your opponents) stamina reaches zero the dance will end.

As each battle ends you will increase your “expressive power” which will be key to rising above opponents in the Princess League Another Drama mode.