Might subtitle this soon-ish if I have time, but it looks like Yakuza Ishin is getting some neat new elements added to its combat system. Here are the core points the video emphasizes for those that don’t speak Japanese:

  • Sakamoto Ryoma will have what basically amounts to several different fighting styles available at his disposal that can be switched on the fly. They mainly revolve around weapons and/or different ways of using them, consisting of a two-handed sword, pistol, sword and pistol, or bare hands.
  • Different styles are naturally balanced to be ideal for certain situations. Going two-handed with your main sword, for example, gives you the most raw power at your disposal, but you’ll be more mobile with a pistol in tow.
  • Controls remain as intuitive as ever, relying on a combo system that mainly uses the square and triangle buttons with occasional circle usage as well. In terms of overall feel, despite there being hand-to-hand combat as an option, the two-handed sword is actually said to play most similarly to previous Yakuza games up until now and that’s because…
  • Hand-to-hand combat plays similarly to Tanimura in Yakuza 4, which was counter heavy. You can therefore directly attack people in Ishin with your fists still, but getting the most out of that style of combat is going to require a mastery of the counter system. Because of that, the developers posit that hand-to-hand is designed for series veterans that are basically looking for a challenge given that you’ll be at a distinct disadvantage going unarmed against armed enemies.

If there’s substantial interest in seeing the whole thing subtitled, tell me so in a reblog or something! That’ll motivate me to potentially get it done faster if I can find the time!

Deleted mine and reblogging this because there’s a great amount of info in this one!