Sega have announced in the upcoming TGS show they will be streaming all of their content via UStream. They also have planned to have a live recording of the Ryu Ga Gotoku podcast which will also be streamed live!

As soon as I have more details on where and when to watch I’ll update and let you all know!

Update: Here are the live streaming dates for Yakuza related panels:

9/20 (Thursday): 1:00-1:45: Yakuza 5 / Series Director Nagoshi, Miss Yakuza 5, MC Teppei

9/21 (Friday): 1:00-1:45: Yakuza 5 / guest Tetsuya Kawagoshi, voice of Chef Tetsuya; Series Director Nagoshi, MC Teppei

9/22 (Saturday): 1:00-1:45: Yakuza 5 / guests Ryoko Shiraishi (Mai) and Ai Nonaka (Azusa), Series Director Nagoshi, Producer Yokoyama, MC Sugioka

3:30-4:15: NagoNama: Crack open a cold one with game creator Toshihiro Nagoshi / MC Toshihiro Nagoshi, Ayana Tsubaki

9/23 (Sunday): 1:45-2:30: Yakuza 5 / Series Director Nagoshi, Producer Yokoyama, Miss Yakuza 5, MC Sugioka

3:30-4:15: Live recording of Kamutai Radio Station Returns / Takuya Kuroda (Kazuma Kirijo), Hidenari Ugaki (Goro Majima)

For the list of other live events Sega will be streaming at TGS check here!